Roadside Indulgence

Large water pellets slammed on the windscreen sparing no mercy to the ears. The coal colored clouds appeared from nowhere, suddenly taking over the vastness of the sky. Lights from oncoming cars created shadows doing their own dance, making their presence known. ‘Bzzz’ sounded the cellphone signaling its last breath. Great! When bad luck strikes, it sure strikes hard.

Seat pushed back, head resting low, I closed my eyes to be consumed by nature’s music. Pit-pater, splish-splash, dum-dum-dum. The intensity kept rising like a drummer in some trance. I slowly stretched across to reach for the glove compartment. There it was, hidden in a corner. Safe from the prying eyes of toddlers. Slowly unwrapping, I slipped it in my mouth. Me, my lollipop, and my relentless musician.


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