Spectacled? Bespectacled?

Round, rectangular, with rim, rimless, titanium, steel, designer, ….. the list goes on. If eyes are the window into somebody’s soul, or the world for that matter, then now I have an obstruction in my way. Some think I look a little nerdy while others think I look a little intellectual. And then there are my kids who think I look like some sort of a magician, who did not eat enough carrots when she was a little girl.

All through winter, I cursed my suddenly vicious sinuses for the constant pounding in my head. The throbbing that starts between the eyes only to extend above and beyond. A misery truly only understood by those who have experienced it. Then through spring, I whined about the onset of a possible allergy taking over my senses with some kind of a vengeance. After all that, it turned out that it was a visit to the eye doctor that was in order and was possibly overdue.

A thin piece of plastic resting on the bridge of your nose, extending across the temples to capture that much valuable real estate behind the ears. I’m still trying to come to terms with this new piece of necessitated accessory that has suddenly become a defining factor. They become a part of our identity. And when someone describes us, they are likely to mention, “wears glasses” before mentioning much more. On the bright side, I suppose it covers any dark circles and wrinkles. And maybe that eyeliner can finally take a break.

On most days I forget to wear them until that mild strain begins, reminding me of my new found add-on. And when I do remember to wear them, I can’t recollect where I last placed them. The problem is that they really keep getting in my way. The other day, I picked up my cup of hot tea and was completely blinded by the steam. How is one supposed to drink a hot beverage without fogging up the glasses? And the smudges … now that’s a tough one. No matter how often I clean them, there is always that annoying little smudge at the corner that keeps popping up.

When my kids first heard that I need to wear glasses, my daughter’s first reaction was to ask me, “are you now like a grandma?” And then they both proceeded to draw cards for me because “I must be sad that my eyes aren’t strong anymore”. I must say that the cards were cute except for the glasses which were drawn to be twice the size of my face.

I guess like anything new I will eventually get used to it. Maybe my glasses aren’t necessarily an obstruction, but rather the key to a different world. A world where the mighty Aslan rules, where Hogwarts isn’t just a school for wizards, and where a ring truly controls the fate of an entire civilization.


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