A Slice Of Culture; Article Published in Wilton Magazine

Religion … A fragile and sensitive subject in today’s world, but has interestingly been a topic of discussion on different occasions recently. I come from a family with strong Hindu values. I was born in a country filled and surrounded by beautiful Buddhist monasteries. I grew up studying in Catholic schools for most of my life. I have lived in an Islamic country that was engulfed by war. So where does that leave me now?

The luxury of such experiences is having first-hand exposure and building reverence for all. The ability to create an amalgamation of different pieces that fits well with me and my beliefs. Respecting humanity and making it my way of life.

My recent article about a new Hindu Mandir (temple) that opened near my town was published in the Wilton Magazine – All In The Temple. I hope that by sharing my experiences with my children and exposing them to the different religions and traditions that surround us, they too will learn to respect and accept all cultures.

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