Encroaching Unknown

Clouds roll in thick and dark
Empowered by the unforgiving wind
Engulfing the sun and all its brightness
Unearthing a shroud of the encroaching unknown

I sink in deeper into my hole
Weary and afraid of what lies ahead
Mind is restless and the heart a flutter
I blink with persistence to break the blur

The cup in my hand stares daringly at me
As if to ask, ‘is it half full or half empty that you see”
The looming uncertainty gnaws me to no end
“Can I? Should I? What if?” is all I can ponder

But as I think more, if not for the unknown we’d have no adventure
Maybe life is not about what we know but about discovering what we don’t
Letting go of certainty and reveling in curiosity
Opening doors to a world left untouched and unscathed

I wander and wade, not because I am lost
But to test my limits and demystify the road less travelled
To bask in today and let tomorrow be tomorrow
For what’s in the story if we already know the end


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