Angels Amidst Us

It’s one of those days when the heart takes over the mind and emotions run wild. One of those days when everything I see speaks of some kind of a sentiment. Every so often I am reminded how lucky I am because it definitely feels like the universe has been partial to me. It took special care to have my life surrounded by angels from the very start.

Whenever we imagine an angel, we think of a beautiful being, dressed in white with a bright halo. There is a sense of peace about them that makes you believe even during the hardest of times that everything will be okay. And somehow it always is. But the fact is that these angels come to us dressed in regular clothes that you and I wear. There may not be a shiny halo over their head, but they have a heart of gold and a warm smile that helps brighten up the day.

A large part of my childhood was spent in India with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. To me, my aunts are my mothers, my uncles are my fathers, my cousins are my sisters and brothers. And my grandparents … well, I don’t know if there is a word in my dictionary as yet to describe that bond. They aren’t my extended family. They are my immediate family. Like a tightly knit sweater, each weave intertwined with another, helping and holding each other together.

With oceans and countries in between, we all don’t get to see one another as often. But every time one of us needs a hand, someone just happens to be there. Nearby. And always ready to put everything including their lives aside to help. It’s happened enough number of times that I am beginning to believe that there truly are forces of nature way more powerful than you and I. There really are angels walking amidst us. And I am one lucky girl to have most of them in my own family.


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