Be The Change

Have we made great strides in tackling gender inequality? Probably not. Are women today safer than they were a year ago? I don’t think so. But what has evolved is that more and more women around the world are challenging their communities and stigmas thereby breaking the shackles that have been holding them back. Be it the women taxi drivers in India who’ve made the roads safer for all. Or the group of disabled women in Ghana making bamboo bikes as an answer to climate change and poverty. Or the selfless women in the Syrian refugee settlements who offer free education to the children there. They all had something in common. They believed in themselves. They believed that they could be the change.


Her eyes spoke of a fear
That her lips concealed
But nothing would stop her
Not this time
She pulled on her veil
And marched ahead
In one hand her son
And on another her daughter
A new life they would make
Filled with joy and laughter
There is nothing, I tell my little girl
That you cannot achieve
The road may be hard
And sometimes even lonely
But never settle for less
And always believe in yourself
Never forget, I tell my little boy
That you were once a part of me
Respect above all
Should be your strongest suit
Stand up for yourself
Stand up for your neighbor
Through all odds and struggle
Let’s together pave the way
We have each other
We can be the change


2 thoughts on “Be The Change

  1. i have endured a long marriage of pain. Now in my 10th month of legal separation, my “Ex” has begun referring to me only by the first letter of my first name. She has in essence, tried to reduce me to an icon, a symbol. My name is erased in her vocabulary since she has no desire to reconcile or heal what needed to be addressed over the last 5-10 years. The lesson in your book brings me back to understand what a dehumanizing thing this is, I am no longer called by my name because I do not matter anymore–at least to her. Thank you for your book. My desire is to know more people and to love them through knowing their names and what they are like. I will continue to do what is right and call her by her first name.


    • Dear FJulian,

      I am sorry to hear of your pain. As someone who has experienced my share of hardships, I can tell you that the wounds will heal and when these gray clouds pass, there is a rainbow. I love your determination to not let yourself stoop and continue to do what you believe is right. It isn’t easy and I applaud you. There is so much love and respect built into a name. And when we want to break away from a situation, we try to also distance ourselves from everything that is associated with it. It doesn’t matter if you are just the first letter of your name to one person. You know who you are and as long as you continue to stay on high ground, you will have nothing to regret.


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