Who Am I

A wise saying goes, “Follow your dreams. Don’t settle for a job you don’t love. You have to be passionate about what you do.” I am Tharini Pande, a risk analyst in a past life and an ambitious creative mind in the present. And this is my personal blog chronicling my life and loves.imaging_-4

I used to be surrounded by a world of spreadsheets and numbers and a very logical way of thinking. If it couldn’t be explained, then there was something wrong with either the hypothesis, process or conclusion. Today, I find myself loving a very different world where logic is replaced with creativity, where reality is replaced with imagination and spreadsheets are replaced with word documents.

Having grown up in three different continents, my identity is somewhat a mish-mash of sorts but my memories of each are as clear as crystal. Despite it all, deep down I believe that I will always be an Indian at heart. A full-time mom, full-time wife, full-time foodie and a full-time dreamer. And somewhere in between, I manage to pen down a few words. My 4yr old daughter, “A” and 2yr old son, “Y” keep me grounded, helping me see this world anew. While on the other hand, my mind is at constant flight to a world beyond what meets the eye. And through this blog I hope to share a collage of those worlds.

I like to think of the art of writing as like a river, originating as a little stream. Slowly growing, taking shape and being influenced by the environment around it. Always moving, always flowing, always staying fresh. I hope my stories and experiences grow and evolve gathering connections and friends along the way.

Together let’s uncork the magic and share the intoxication that words have to offer about the world around us. A big welcome to all you readers out there to savor these musings and experiences. Thoughts and comments are most encouraged!

Do get in touch with me to share your musings or to simply drop in a hello. I love to hear from you :).

Thank you for visiting. Let’s explore!


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